ROGER BARTOSH, Eng. - Director, Structural Engineering

Roger Bartosh is a senior structural engineer with over 30 years experience.


He has a comprehensive knowledge of building design and construction and has been the project structural engineer of record for over 5,000 projects.


He is the founder and CEO of BCA Consultants Inc. (BCA), a structural engineering consulting firm, established in 1985. For more information on BCA, visit the official website.

His expertise includes:


  • Low-rise, medium-rise and high-rise construction
  • Value engineering
  • Building façade assessment
  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Expert evaluation and testimony for litigations


DOMENIC CHIOVITTI, Eng. - Director, Building Envelope Engineering

Domenic Chiovitti is a building engineer with over 25 years experience in building envelope consulting services.


His main area of expertise is building envelope, for which he is often consulted by prominent architectural and building management firms.


He has written several published technical articles and lectured on specialized building envelope issues.


He is the founder of Chiovitti Consultants Inc., a building envelope engineering consulting firm.

His expertise includes:


  • Solid masonry, aluminum, and glass curtain wall compositions
  • In-situ testing of building components
  • Pre-purchase inspections and condition surveys
  • Building codes for exterior envelopes for new construction
  • Legal expertise for building envelope failures